Energy Warrior
Amstrad CPC

Its the year 2079, the earth is in sad shape as a result of neglect and chemical erosion. Its people have been decimated by plagues. The few remaining areas of natural beauty are very precious to those people who remain. You are the reserve warden, responsible for the maintenance of three of the biggest of these remaining areas, a forest, a set of oceanic islands and a rocky desert. The reserves are maintained by aura energy generators, buried deep below the ground. Unfortunately the Star Cygnis Alpha has gone supernova. One of the planets that had circled it was home to the Wavaren. Since their home was lost, they plan to live on your reserve. Each of the three regions are divided in ten areas. These areas are self contained and zoned off by force fields. They are kept pristine with their own power supply of aura energy. It is your job to clear all areas of aliens. Once an area is cleared of aliens, it will seal off and no other aliens will be able to enter it. If the aliens succeed in reducing the aura energy of an area to zero, then the area will die. If you let three areas die in any region, you will be terminated. The game provides a Status Control. At any time during the game you want to receive information on the other areas within a region, press the space bar and the game will pause allowing you to review the information on the display console. Patrol the areas in your J.O.S. fighter. Your fighter has powerful beam lasers that fire forwards and a limited number of blitz bombs that explode all aliens on the screen. But if your craft runs out of power, the game is over. Using your joystick, maneuver your fighter to chase down and destroy the enemy. Killing a slave robot will cause it to leave a bonus behind. The various bonuses are: more craft power, more area aura energy, blitz bombs, ext level and a mystery bonus. Some choices will be hard, grab a bonus to keep you alive or grab one to keep the region alive.


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