Commodore 64

Take on the might of the corrupt Empire on behalf of the ailing Federation in this epic future fantasy! Erra Quann, the treacherous alien scientist who designed Flagship Quann Tulla, the pride of the Federation, has hijacked the ship and piloted it to an outpost of the evil Empire where he plans to sell the secret of its engines. As a member of the elite Federation secret service, your mission is to stop him! The battle will take place in the energy-shattered hull of the Quann Tulla, through deep space and on to the final desperate conclusion on a distant alien world. The fate of the universe is once more (gulp!) in your hands!

Federation is a graphic text adventure and is an enhanced version of the 1985 text adventure Quann Tulla by 8th Day software. This version included graphics for each location as well as some minor location differences and some different directions.


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