FIFA Soccer 07
PlayStation Portable

FIFA Soccer 07 is the third appearance of the soccer series on the PSP. It builds upon the previous year’s version with updated rosters, new control options and new game modes.

The game includes 27 leagues from 20 countries (adding the Turkish league), plus various rest-of-the-world and international teams, the same selection as in the console version. Returning modes include Kick-Off for friendlies, tournaments and challenges (with 31 new comeback and 30 new rout challenges) and wi-fi multiplayer (ad-hoc and infrastructure). The manager mode, already an established feature in the console versions, makes its debut on the PSP in this game. It tasks players with managing a club team, taking care of sponsors, the club board, and fan relations in addition to success on the pitch. PSP manager careers are compatible with those from the PS2 version and can be exchanged via PS2-PSP link. Exclusive to the PSP version is player training via mini-games (which are also available on their own): the returning Juggling and the new Wall Attack. In Wall Attack, the goal is to kick the ball at a wall of colored blocks for points, with a certain number necessary within a time limit to advance to the next level. Some blocks contain icons that have additional effects, like clearing neighboring blocks or blocks of the same color.

Among the new control options are chip shots and various new configurations: there is a choice between player control via analog stick or d-pad (or both, but without on-the-fly tactics changes) and optional PES-style button layout.


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