Final Conflict
Commodore 64

The Final Conflict is a 1-player versus computer or 2-player competitive strategy game.

You are the Central Controller, an artificial intelligence, pitted against an implacable enemy. You can move your limitless supply of robot weapons weapons in a strategic confrontation by programming them in advance of the battle. Then observe, in cold calculating silence, as they carry out your every command.

Action occurs in a large grid, where each player controls a single factory capable of producing an unending supply of robotic combatants. Each custom level contains other obstructions like forest, mountains, lakes, and factories. At the beginning of each game, the player has a set number of minutes to define the actions of their robot vehicles once the game begins. As the game begins, robots begin to stream out, following the commands that were placed, with the goal of destroying all 6 squares of the enemy’s factory. The first player to destroy their opponent’s factory is the victor.

Allows 10 levels of game speed, and 1 – 10 minutes to pre-program your attackers.


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