Flip-it & Magnose: Water Carriers from Mars

Flip-it & Magnose, the title characters of this action game with strong puzzle elements, live on Mars. Unfortunately the planet has not exactly the biggest water resources of the universe and so they are sent to Earth to get some. In the vertically scrolling platform levels the player has to solve puzzles by collecting objects and using them at the right place respectively giving them to the right people. However, the water is not given directly, but there is a water drop which has to be caught by using the water catcher object. The goal of each level is to collect a certain amount of water within the time limit.

The player character can’t die, but loses fruit when he falls too much of a distance. Fruit can be collected when wandering through the levels and are used between the six levels to buy traps which have different effects (and of course different prices), e.g. wasting a bit of time or reversing the controls. This is useful because the two Martians don’t work together and try to beat each other’s water score. There are also other items to collect which are not directly related to puzzle solving, like a spring for long jumps and objects which help against special hazards in the level. Collecting pills is a bit of a gamble because they can either add or subtract points on the water or fruit counter. The game uses a split-screen; one half for each Martian. In two-player games, the second Martian is controlled by player two.


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