Floyd the Droid
Commodore 64

The sewers in the major cities of the world are in crisis and need a good cleaning and removing creatures that roam through them. It is now considered too much for any humans to do so a droid was developed to roam these sewers and make them clean again. You play one droid called Floyd and you have been assigned to sort out the mess in the sewers under London before moving on to other cities. Before you start your job you have a choice of how Floyd moves and reacts to situations where you can program him a set of procedures for these. You can also set him to automatic and watch him attempt to deal with them himself or allow you to control him in manual mode. The sewers have an isometric view with a small part of the sewers shown and the screen scrolls when you move Floyd. The sewers are a maze of tunnels and you move Floyd around them looking for items to remove. As well as dirt and blockages there are also bats, rats and crocodiles as well as an escaped prisoner who is armed. A small radar icon changes colour when you are approaching something to remove and when they are found the game changes to a side view. Bats, blockages and the prisoner can be dealt with your laser, while the rats and crocodiles need to be jumped on. If you have manual control then you attempt to deal with these yourself while in automatic mode this allows Floyd to do the work. Floyd has an energy bar and when he touches items then this drains and when it is empty then it is game over. The main menu can be brought up at any time to change Floyd’s reaction to situations and reprogram him. Also on the menu is a score and the target score to move to the next sewer as well as a percentage of the dirt of the sewer. A joystick is used to control Floyd.


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