Formula 1 3D: F.1 Manager II
Commodore 64

The second version of F.1 Manager is an improved installment with two languages support (English/Italian), additional graphics and features, but much of the code of its predecessor was reused. In this game the player manages a Formula 1 team, starting with a certain budget of $6,000,000. The game play includes the economical and technical management, simulation of qualification driving of Formula 1 car on the famous circuits, and management of the pilot’s actions during the race. In adjustment phase you should select one of rookie or profi racers from around the world (such legends as A. Senna, A. Prost, or N. Mansell, etc. are present) to enlist and select one of the cars to buy. The enlistment bonus price of racers differs based on their position and skills described by three parameters: Courage, Ability, Tactics. The price of car differs based on its parts selected and adjusted. Starting with the rookie pilots you will eventually progress to a professionals. In simulation phase you should accelerate/decelerate the car, shift the gears, correctly go into bends, and finish the lap as fast as possible to get a better starting position. In management phase you should keep an eye on the race progress and messages from the commentator, give guidelines to the pilot on when to accelerate/decelerate, examine the car’s state, and win the race to earn the points and prize. ‘Single track’ and ‘Championship’ modes are allowed as well as game play for 1-2 players. In 2 players mode each player takes part in the game sequentially.


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