Formula One
Amstrad CPC

Formula One is a Formula One racing management videogame published in 1985 by CRL Group PLC, developed by G.B. Munday and B.P. Wheelhouse for the ZX Spectrum, and converted to Amstrad CPC by Richard Taylor. Once the game is properly underway, you must buy engine and chassis upgrades, and can improve the quality of your pitcrew – all of which eats into your budget. Your cars must be raceworthy to be able to race. After qualifying you must choose your tyres for each car – rain can be a factor, and the game informs you of the expected conditions before the race. The races are depicted via a timing board which displays the top 6 in the order, images of the cars flashing by (with a distinction made as cars come into the pits), and messages detailing crashes, spins and technical problems. Your drivers can be called in for pitstops, which involves moving a man around to undo each tyre in sequence, which is hardly realistic but does add some arcade skill and variation.


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