Fortress of Narzod
Commodore 64

You are in a hovercraft in a interestingly drawn land, Ahead is the Fortress of Narzod. From it’s gate come many different foes, you will have to blast your way through to Narzod. You are one of the worlds few remaining good wizards fighting the evil Narzod. He has surrounded himself in a powerful fortress guarded by minions of darkness and the fearsome Mystic Hurler. You will be shooting wave after wave of guardian to destroy the Mystic Hurler and with it the power of Narzod. To do this you will have to make your way through several canyons while enemies both try to shoot and crash into you. Your shoots also have the interesting effect of ricocheting round the curving canyons, this can be a danger though as you can be hit with your own shots.


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