Fred’s Back
Commodore 64

Fred’s Back is a platform game where the player controls Fred, a waddling head-shaped creature. On each level Fred must collect all the diamonds and then exit the level by walking off the right edge of the map. Fred loses a life if his energy, which is constantly depleting, falls down to zero; it must be replenished by collecting food. Other ways to die include touching one of the monsters that keep randomly walking onto the screen, and falling into a bottomless pit. The levels contain brick platforms which can be broken by hitting them with Fred’s head, as well as brown tiles which sometimes reveal bonus items when hit. The items include bonus diamonds, bonus lives, potions that fully replenish energy, and a weapon that allows Fred to shoot the monsters.

Published in 64’er 1993/04, in Magic Disk 64 1993/11, and in 64’er 1998/01.


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