Amstrad CPC

To understand the current situation in the world of Epsilon it is necessary to travel back in time. Year 12 of the radial age: The world of Epsilon is at war, the expansion of the empire of intelligent machines has collided with its limits, and now they claim stellar hegemony. 20th year of the radial era: The last vestige of Epsilon’s power falls, the empire is riddled with androids with a single order in their electronic brains … annihilate all life forms they find on the rebel planets.
XXV year of the radial era and II year since the occupation: The practically all forms of life formerly existing in Epsilon have been annihilated … In a world dominated by machines, some beings, the ZEBS, fight for survival. The superior intelligence and combat abilities of these creatures have allowed them to overcome the continuous slaughters that the androids carried out.


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