Commodore 64

Released as part of the SEUCK Compo 2019 and was voted 3rd place.

“Base calling Green Dragon and Blue Dragon… Come in, pilots! You are off course. Explain!”

“This is Green Dragon. We are officially defecting. We declare political asylum.”

“Base to Green Dragon. Treason will be punished! We will shoot you down before you reach the border! Turn back now!”

“This is Blue Dragon. Shove it, Base. We’re leaving.”

“Base calling all military personnel! Code Fulgur! Green Dragon and Blue Dragon must not leave the country. Stop them at all costs! Repeat, code Fulgur!”


You control two fighter ships at once. The BLUE ship flies close to the ground, and may crash into tall ground obstacles. It fires forward only.

The GREEN ship flies at a higher altitude and cannot crash into ground obstacles. It can fire in all directions.

At the start of the game, your ships fly in a tight formation. Try to stay in tight formation, as this ensures double firepower.


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