Fun School 2: For the Under 6s
Amstrad CPC

Fun School 2: For the Under-6s is an educational game part of the Fun School series with this version aimed at the under sixes. Parents can choose a difficulty level for each game and also enter their own words to use. There are eight activities for a child to play and these consist of: Shape Snap: Two shapes appear and the child must say whether the shapes are the same or not. Teddy Count: A certain amount of Teddies move about the screen and the child must say how many are on the screen. Find the Mole: There are five mole hills and the child selects one. If the child is wrong then the computer will say if the actual number is bigger or smaller. Write a Letter: Here the child can move the teddy about the screen and type any letter and can also type words. Colour Train: A coloured train moves along the rails and the child has to stop it at the matching coloured station to drop off and pick up passengers. The train changes colour once it starts moving again. Spell a Word: A picture of an object appears and the child must type in the word. Pick a Letter: A letter is on screen and the child must move a Teddy over the alphabet and select the matching letter and move it into a box. Teddy Bear Picnic: The child must move a teddy through a maze to reach a picnic.


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