Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 Year Olds
Commodore 64

Fun School 4: for 7 to 11 year olds is an educational game part of the Fun School series with this version aimed at seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven year olds. There are six games and activities that allows the child to help Sammy the Spy (Agent Q) find and retrieve the stolen riches of King Raram by completing six missions with varying skill levels. The six activities consist of:

Desert Dates: Sammy has his boss have found various pyramids containing gems and secret parchments hidden behind various blocks with a date written on them. The computer will ask a question and the child must select the correct block to smash.

Travels: Sammy has to travel the world in various vehicles to find a secret destination. The computer will give a Continent, Ocean, Country, City, seas or rivers, and the child must move the vehicle around the screen to get to the selected destination.

Exchange Rates: Sammy needs clothing and equipment and the only way to get these is by answering questions on exchange rates or the cheapest item.

Timetable: Sammy needs to catch and travel on a plane by going through various stages of an airport. There are various questions the child needs to answer by looking at timetables and giving the correct answer.

Proportions: To help Sammy receive and give messages to other agents, the child must look at various grids of objects and answer questions on the proportions of various selected objects.

Spy Quiz: Sammy has to get a message from his agencies house in Quizendene but he has to climb the wall to retrieve it from the roof. The security guard will ask general knowledge questions and the child needs to give the correct answer to climb up a part of the wall.


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