Fungus II
Commodore 64

The object of the game is to collect all mushrooms in the area within a given amount of time (hence the hourglass symbol in the control panel) and then return to the starting point. Much like the original Fungus game, the screen now scrolls to follow the player around, instead of just right to left. And this time you have a gun. Pressing a certain key toggled between shoot and jump mode (illustrated by radio buttons next to a spring and a gun symbol in the control panel).

You had a choice of six types of opponents:

– Dragons
– Something that looked like a frog with a severe underbite
– Mad bomber goblins (which came up through a trapdoor, walked around,
dropped a bomb and then disappeared down another trapdoor)
– Floating eyeballs with laser beams
– Caterpillars
– Some weird creatures with long legs (can’t remember what they did)


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