Galactic Gardener
Commodore 64

Ten power flowers have been stolen and hidden in a set of caves. As the gardener in charge, it is the player’s job to get them back. Players take control of the gardener, who sits in a flying chair, and must guide him through the mazy caves which are seen from a side-scrolling perspective. Colliding with the walls of the cave or one of the various obstacles, such as moving gates and force-fields, or patrolling snapdragons costs a life. Before one of the power flowers can be picked up, a pot has to be collected. Touching a power flower without carrying an empty pot also costs a life. The chair uses up fuel, but can be refuelled by picking up the right power ups. Teleporter can be dropped throughout the levels and mark points to which the gardener returns after losing a life. Beans can be picked up to gain extra and there is also a spray that temporarily stuns snapdragons.


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