Game Over
Amstrad CPC

Game Over is a shoot ’em up video game developed and edited by the Spanish firm Dinamic Software. It was released in 1987.

Queen Gremla rules over five confederations of planets thanks to a powerful army of Terminators led by Arkos, her most faithful servant, until the queen’s contempt caused her to be passed over to the enemy army led by McKiller. The game is divided into three phases, in the first Arkos must face the Terminators on the planet Hypsis, from where Gremla gets the raw materials. The second is developed on the planet Sckunn where Arkos has to get a fighter capable of defeating Gremla’s radars. The third phase takes place in Planet Palace, where the palace of Gremla that Arkos aims to destroy.

Game Over is known for the controversy it caused in its day due to the illustration of the cover of the game, which showed a female nipple. The illustration had originally been published in “Heavy Metal” in May of 1984 under the name of Cover Ere Comprimee, being the work of Luis Royo. The British magazine Crash made modifications in the same with regard to its publication.


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