Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal

Garfield hates Mondays. It’s Monday today and that means that something bad is bound to happen. A howled message from another member of the local cat community floats in through the window: ‘Garfield! Arlene’s been taken to the city pound!’

Monday strikes again! ‘Ho-hum,’ thinks Garfield, ‘I suppose I’d better go to the rescue.’ So, summoning up all his (meagre) strength, he sets off to find a way to get his girlfriend released.

On the way, there are a number of ‘puzzles’ that he needs to complete, starting with how to get Odie to follow him and open the door, allowing him to get out to the rest of the town and continue his quest. His journey will take him through all sorts of locations, including the park, sewers, shops and finally the city pound. And when he’s has freed Arlene, he can live lazily ever after.

You might not find the arcade puzzles all that satisfying but just for the pleasure of starring in your own cartoon it’s got to be worth a second look.


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