Gem Stone Legend

The evil wizard Vangor wants to set Kohi under his domination. But you, brave bird-rider, and your Magus are against this. To defeat Vangor your Magus give you the secrets of the stone and the way to destroy it! You take the stone and promise to carry out your mission well.

The game is horizontal scrolling shoot-’em-up arcade, where you should eliminate flying enemies shooting at them with the fireballs of the bird you are riding. The fireballs style may be improved collecting power-ups. Pressing the shoot button for a longer time increase fireballs’ power also.

There are five levels in the game, and it is available for 1-2 players. Two players mode is cooperative. Highest scores will be stored in Top 5 table.

On menu press ‘C’ and type ‘QLLLSHIT’. Press ‘F1’ through ‘F5’ and fire for the corresponding level. Use the following keys during play:

‘F3’ – Next level.
‘DEL’ – Full energy and lives.


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