Germ Crazy

In Germ Crazy, you play the part of a fledgling surgeon who must protect his patient from a debilitating, flesh-eating virus. The disease must be stopped by whatever means necessary; whether by antibody injections, black market drugs, amputation, or all-out germ warfare. Just be sure that your patient doesn’t suffer too much surgical abuse or else he will be greeted by Mr. Grim Reaper himself. On the flipside, being too careful may result in the rapid spreading of this hideous mutant virus, and the poor victim will literally rot away until all that remains is a skeleton!

The gameplay is complex and unique, and resembles a more biological version of Sim City. There are six levels of difficulty, but even at the easiest level, Germ Crazy is a difficult game to master. The subject matter, although undeniably grim, is tempered with a sadistic sense of humor throughout.


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