Gertie Goose
Commodore 64

Gertie Goose has had all eight of her eggs stolen by a Demon King and she wants them back. In this multi-scrolling game shown from an elevated angle, you control Gertie as you search for her eggs around a forest area. There are obstacles and Demon King’s soldiers to hinder you as you search but there is no death. You must find eight coloured keys and then find the door it belongs to, before entering part of the Demon King’s Inner sanctum. Each part of the Inner Sanctum is on the whole screen with one of the eggs and must be collected and taken to the exit. The Demon’s King’s soldiers are also on screen and if you are touched while carrying an egg then the Demon King gets part of the egg. Once all eggs have been collected then the total eggs you have are compared to the total the King has. If he has more then you have lost, have more eggs and you have won. There are five skill levels to choose from at the start of the game and these are easy, moderate, average, average + and hard.


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