Get Dexter 2
Amstrad CPC

In this sequel to Get Dexter, android Dexter and his sidekick Scooter return. Dexter has been asked to go to the planet Kef and help the Swapi race. The Swapis have, until recently, been on good terms with their neighbors, the Stiffiens. But now, a new religious cult has risen among the Stiffiens, and the Swapis are in danger. The secret behind the cult lies in the Antines building. Before Dexter can investigate Antines, he must prove that the Swapis can trust him by solving three tasks.

The game is an isometric action adventure. Dexter must explore dozens of rooms, solve puzzles and deal with many characters, both friends and foes. A large number of items can be picked up, used or moved around to help overcome the obstacles. The three tasks set by the Swapis can be tackled in any order, but only once all three are completed the way to Antines opens up.

Three kinds of creatures live on Kef. The Swapis are friendly and Dexter can talk to them and trade items with them. Stiffiens and animals are less friendly and must be avoided or destroyed. They can be lured into traps or killed using dynamite or a laser gun. Touching enemies lowers Dexter’s battery power. If it runs out, the game is over, but it can be recharged by plugging into the mains.

Dexter’s sidekick Scooter is more helpful than in the previous game. By calling him and pointing to an object, Scooter will fetch that object.


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