Gilligan’s Gold
Commodore 64

Gilligan’s Gold is a flick-screen platform game based on the arcade game Bagman consisting of three screens as you try to negotiate various levels of a mine to collect all the bags of gold scattered around the three screens. Trying to stop you are a couple of outlaws and if you touch one then you lose one of five lives. You must use the ladders and lifts to move up and down levels and if you fall down more than one level then you lose a life. Once you have a bag of gold you must drag it up to the top of the mine and put it in your wheelbarrow which can be moved anywhere on the top of the mine on any screen. Dragging a bag of gold slows you down but can be used to drop on the head of an outlaw. You can use a pick axe to dig through a yellow wall hiding a bag of gold and it can also can stun an outlaw for a few seconds but can only be used once. Moving about the screens are mine-carts and although if they hit you, you lose a life but you can ride them. Grab onto a hook and when a cart is beneath you drop on it. You can get off a cart at anytime.


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