Commodore 64

Godzilla threatens Japan and it’s up to the player to use the combined force of Japan’s army, navy, air force, and nuclear arsenal to defeat him. Godzilla is a turn-based game played out over Japan and its surrounding waters which are mapped out on a grid. Godzilla starts randomly on the map and moves erratically from tile to tile. On the player’s turn, the player can attack Godzilla with available units in the same sector as Godzilla, move units to an adjacent sector, launch a missile at Godzilla or authorize an atomic strike. At the end of each turn, the game tallies the damage done to Godzilla and the corresponding loss to Japanese forces and the civilian population. The game ends either with Godzilla’s death or with Godzilla victorious over a devastated Japan.

Published in the book “Commodore 64 – Fun and Games” / Digital Marketing PD #103


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