Golf Master
Commodore 64

Golf Master is a golf game where you can play a full round of golf on one course solo or with up to three friends. Before you play there are various options that can be selected. There are three levels of ability, Novice, Amateur or Professional which affects the strength of the wind. If you want to play in a competition between yourself or with friends, or practice on any hole. Lastly you can select how many holes or which holes to play. 1-18, 1-9, 10-18 or on one hole from the 18.

The game itself is a top-down view showing a part of the course. Holding down the Space Bar scrolls the screen showing the rest of the course. You now have various options to select your shot. You can choose your club, the direction and power of the shot. Once happy with your selection you don’t actually play the shot but just watch a little animation of the shot being taken. If you are playing with friends you actually have to wait for each player to complete the hole, not after each shot like in real golf.


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