Golf (Yes! Software)
Commodore 64

Golf allows you to play a round of golf over 18 holes, on your own or against a friend where both players take it in turn to play a shot after the other player has played one. There are a choice of two courses, a Par 3 course where you only use a 9 Iron, Sand Wedge and a Putter, or a normal course with all the clubs you require. The holes are viewed from above on the whole screen and you first choose which club you need before selecting the direction. The numbers on a clock are used (1 – 12) and when you select a number you can then select another number (0 – 9) to fine tune the direction. Lastly you select your power (1 – 10) before watching the ball move across the screen. Once on the green you can now putt which allows you to select the direction and power once again.


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