Gordian Tomb
Commodore 64

Gordian Tomb is a flip-screen platform game from Germany. Montezuma’s Revenge seems to be a major influence on the overall design. The main protagonist is a relic hunter that must explore a pyramid to find a secret treasure room. He must pick up and use various tools on his way to overcome obstacles and access unreachable areas. Objects are collected by colliding with them. In order to be able to collect an object, the player must first find the screen where it has to be used. Otherwise, the object can’t be taken and the game gives a warning in the hint area: “Later dude!”. The protagonist has to avoid death by wild animals, dangerous environments and supernatural phenomena. On the top of the screen there is the ever-decreasing timer. Below that is displayed a hint (if available) about the screen, usually describing what object can be used. At the bottom there are several slots for the paraphernalia collected, and below that images of the protagonist as the number of lives. The game starts with a 32 minutes time limit and 8 lives, and has no form of saving progress. Released in Golden Disk 64 #09 (1990).


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