Gordon Saga
Commodore 64

Enter the world of great adventures. Take on the role of a speleologist. Gordon Saga is the first self-contained part of a German adventure game series. At the end of this part, you will be asked the great task that the following parts will build upon.

All text input and output is in German. This alone distinguishes this game from many others that are mostly written in English. The game even accepts whole sentences. For example, an instruction could be: NIMM DAS SCHWERT UND GEH NACH NORDEN (TAKE THE SWORD AND GO NORTH). If an entry is not understood despite the rather large vocabulary, the computer reports this. Statements he understands but are meaningless at the moment, he ignores. You can, however, if you feel like it, for example, sing, pray or wait, without affecting the gameplay.

One of the great things about this adventure game is its variable gameplay. As with the hobbit , you have to be prepared for surprises. Dangers lurk everywhere, the aids are not always found in the same places. Every new attempt to discover the mystery confronts you with new conditions.

In some situations it becomes particularly difficult. They are under time pressure. So a door slams shut behind you and the ceiling lowers or a big stone ball rolls towards you. Here, the adventurer has to react quickly and correctly to keep his life. But the fatal accidents are limited. But it can easily happen that a monster steals the most necessary aid and hides it somewhere.


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