Gortek and the Kryptobytes
Commodore 64

Gortek returns to solve another mystery of the cosmos and he needs your help. Following on from Gortek and the Microchips, you learn more BASIC programming skills in this second exciting space adventure story. On the planet Xerat, the Kryptobytes have acquired invaluable information from many far off places in the universe. Recently however, a mysterious force has been extracting information from their data centre, jeopardizing the safety of the whole universe. An S.O.S. has been sent to Gortek. He, with the help of the Microchips and you, is trying to neutralize the evil force and save the data centre before it is too late. The full color story book of this adventure includes the Microchip’s Flight File that teaches you additional programming skills to those acquired in Gortek and the Microchips.


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