Graffiti Man

Graffiti Man is an Action game, developed by reLINE Software and published by Rainbow Arts, which was released in Europe in 1987.

You are a graffiti artist who must get through four locations while avoiding all kinds of people that are constantly shooting projectiles or objects at you. When you get hit by a projectile or object, you lose one of your spray cans, and if you run out of these, you will also lose a life.

When you get to the end of each location, you will reach a wall where you can spray-paint on. If you spray over the specific regions, you will get rewarded for your effort.

When you have completed this short game, you are treated to a paint program that lets you spray-paint at your own free will, without a time limit.

Music and graphics are certainly OK for the time but the playability is very poor unfortunately. Each time you die the level has to be reloaded. And this takes longer than the actual game!


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