Grange Hill
Commodore 64

Grange Hill was a British children’s TV show that ran from 1978 to 2008 and was based in a fictional comprehensive school in North London. The game is an arcade adventure with elements of a graphic text adventure and sees you take the role of two of the characters from that period in the mid 80s, Luke ‘Gonch’ Gardner and his best friend Paul ‘Hollo’ Holloway. Gonch has had his Walkman confiscated at school which was then stolen from the staffroom. You and Hollo have to sneak back into the school and attempt to find it before midnight or you will face punishment from your Mother when you return home. You need to collect and use objects in their correct locations as well as interact with other characters.

The main playing area is viewed from the side and is flick-screen where you control Gonch as you interact with your surroundings and other characters. You are also able to jump over obstacles and if you touch any then it is game over. Below the main playing area is text which describes your current location, any objects found, and shows you any conversions you are having. Press the fire button and this brings up a menu which allows you to pick up, drop, examine, use, give, take and talk. A clock in the corner counts towards midnight and you are also able to see objects you are carrying.


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