Grid Zone
Commodore 64

Grid Zone is a top view single screen game where you play the role of Ned the Dog who has to escape from eight levels of the evil Traxonians Grid Zone to rescue his owner Daisy. It all started so well when they were both having a pleasant stroll until the Chiggiz appeared and chased them before surrounding them with four solid walls. A loose brick removed made the floor move before a portal appeared and both Daisy and Ned went through getting separated with Daisy arriving in a forcefield prison. With Ned in the Grid Zone, he has to escape before Daisy is destroyed with a Ultra Mega Beam. The screen is made up of rows of flooring with gaps, with some moving left or right across the screen while others stay where they are. If Ned stands on a moving floor he doesn’t move with it and if he stays in the same place he will fall into a gap and lose one of five lives. To complete a level, Ned has to collect a certain amount of diamonds with the amount needed chosen by you on the title screen (10 – 90). Also on screen is a bouncing ball as well as two cannons that move up and down the screen firing at you and if you are hit by the cannons or the ball then you lose a life. Before the start of the game you can also choose a skill level and they are easy, medium, hard and insane.


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