Growth is an arcade game loosely extending the Arkanoid principle, shifting the focus from the classic ball and bat schema more on the shooting bat extra weapon of Arkanoid and only adding he ball as bonus.

The player controls the bat and can not only move it at the bottom of the screen, but also around the screen borders, so you can move it to the left, right and top of the screen as well. The bat have shooting abilities by default, which is badly required, as the eye in the center of the screen is constantly popping up new stones to the playfield. A life is lost if the growing stone formation is reaching any border. The goal in most levels is to simply destroy the eye in the center of the screen, which can be achieved by shooting through the stones until the eye itself can be hit while controlling the expansion of the stones.

There are some levels in which a ball is present, which also can be used to destroy the stones and is played like in any Breakout-like game. Some extra levels are plain shoot-’em-up style: moving enemy formations are approaching and the player has to shoot them to proceed further.


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