Commodore 64

Players control Gryphon, a mythical creature living in the Land of Dreams and Legend, a land consisting of Mystical Woods, Surreal Cities, and the deadly Darklands. One day, Gryphon awoke to discover that his gold has been threatened by the Id Monsters and the pure water in the rivers and lakes turned into poison, blocking access to the different regions. You have the task of carrying gold from one area, and using them to form a bridge over the poisonous water so that Gryphon can travel to the next region while avoiding the Id Monsters, who can be dealt with by shooting bolts of pure Griffin magic. As well as walking across the surface, Gryphon can also fly; but to do so, he must make a running start first before leaping into the air. Between regions, a bonus level can be played, and the object of these is to slide the gold bar left or right, shooting one or more Gryphons. Their speed is increased with each shot they take. The bonus level ends when the Gryphon manages to walk past the screen.


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