Guns ‘n’ Ghosts
Commodore 64

In Guns ‘n’ Ghosts, the player takes the role of the ghost hunters Trev and Georg. The goal is to gun down as many supernatural foes, e.g. demons and skeletons, as possible for a high score. There are 72 one-screen levels with numerous platforms to jump on – obviously it is a bad idea to touch enemies. Both player characters play differently: Georg has a shotgun which needs to reloaded regularly and has a long range while Trev has an unlimited psychic attack with short range. Trev’s attack is beam-like. Killed enemies may drop power ups which reward advantages when picked up: more ammo capacity for Georg’s shotgun, instant kill shots, more attack power for Trev, weapon speed up, an extra life or temporary invincibility. Players can also fight together in co-op; including the option to play with two Trev or two Georg characters. There is also a mode where enemies can only be killed by Georg while Trev holds the monster with his psychic attack. The game can be played with either music or sound effects.


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