Commodore 64

In 1997, Earth has been invaded by an unknown alien force and the population enslaved. After the invasion, a research team hidden on the Moon developed fighter crafts and called them Pulse Fighters. Now the humans have created a force called the Gunstar Fleet and their mission is to destroy the invading force and liberate Earth. In this top down vertical shooter with the various stages shown on the whole screen, you play as three fighter pilots attempting to destroy the aliens. Each level is made up of five stages and each one needs completing to move to the next one. The five stages are:
The Fighter Stage: Alien ships move about the screen and you have to destroy them all.
The Asteroid Stage: You must avoid all asteroids moving down the screen.
Alien Command Ship: A huge ship sits on the screen and you must destroy all it’s turrets.
The A.L.L.O.Y. Robot Stage: A huge robot now sits on the screen and once again it’s turrets need destroying.
Docking Stage: A ship appears on the screen and you must touch the back of it with your craft to re-fuel and move to the next level within a time limit.
You are armed with a gun to shoot with but if you fire for too long then your ship starts to overheat shown by a gauge. If the gauge fills up then the ship is destroyed. If you touch a ship, asteroid or are shot then that pilot is killed and the next pilot starts from stage one. Lose all three pilots and it is game over. All five stages have to be completed before your fuel gauge runs out.


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