Gwendolyn: Pursuit of a Princess
Commodore 64

Joel isn’t a happy Prince after his Father, King Stevius of the Kingdom of Hillsborough, passed on the crown to his first born Myrridian after his death. Joel left the Kingdom vowing to start his own, never to return. Years later, King Myrridian on his wedding day is about to wed Princess Klaudia when a huge army of Dwarves appear and seize Klaudia, declaring that the Ruler of Tunnelworld, Joel is taking Myrridian’s bride-to-be for his own pleasure. Distraught at the events, Myrridian has vowed to leave the kingdom and bring back his future Queen but he was never seen again. Prince Maracus, from the House of Stevius is now King and on the night before his wedding to Princess Gwendolyn, a Dwarf army once again from Tunnelworld have taken your bride-to-be for Joel once again. You play the role of Maracus as you attempt to find and bring back Princess Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn: Pursuit of a Princess is a graphic adventure where you use the joystick to interact with your surroundings and control your hero. On the screen you see a picture of what you can see in each location and below is text describing what you can see also. There is also directions you can move, any objects and a compass also shows the directions you can move and you use the joystick and press the fire button to move in your chosen direction. Pressing down the fire button without moving the joystick brings up options and these are, go back to direction mode, get object, use object, inventory and save or load a game.


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