Hans Kloss
Commodore 64

Hans Kloss is a platform game unofficially based on the Polish TV series “Stawka Większa niż Życie”. The protagonist, an agent codenamed Hans Kloss, must infiltrate a Nazi base to acquire secret plans. There are several pieces of the plans in the base, and all must be collected. The game plays like a standard platformer, with the agent jumping from platform to platform; he also uses elevators to move around. There are numerous closed doors throughout the base, and the player has to collect one-use keys. The game world is divided into several screens, and its layout is mazelike. Opening the wrong door or dropping down the wrong hole can easily make the game impossible to complete. There are two energy meters, one representing hunger and one representing thirst. Both of them drop constantly and need to be refilled with the appropriate pickups. Occasionally, small tracked mines will randomly drive onto the screen; colliding with them drains both energy meters quickly. If either energy meter reaches zero, the game is over. The game also ends if the agent walks into a sensor that activates a defense turret; switches can be found which temporarily deactivate sensors when pressed.


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