Harcon: Herr Des Lichts
Commodore 64

Since time immemorial, the family of Nekroniden prevailed in Morandor. They were cruel and ruthless and covered the countries with fear and misery, for their overpowering weapon was the black magic that brought down and enslaved every strong adversary.

The triumphant march of the Nekronids and their sheer almighty ruler Nekron seemed unstoppable until they met a formidable adversary, the Guardians of the Light. As tradition has reported, the struggle was a long time back and forth, without a decision could be brought about. Because even the opponent had magical powers. But these forces were different and distributed among four people. These people were called the Harconids. Their names were Mirith, whose sons Angmar and Orton, and the ruler himself – called Harcon.

Harcon waited idly for a long time at his castle for errors of his opponent Nekron. Mirith, his advisor, did not share this inaction and left the castle with his sons. Now Nekron won battle after battle, and the end of the Harconides – the last enemy – seemed to have come.

Now even Harcon realized that he had to intervene and defeat Nekron in a duel if he did not want to lose his kingdom. However, he knew that he would need the help of Mirith, his wise counselor, and his sons, and set out to find her …


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