Harricana: International Snowmobile Competition
Amstrad CPC

The game tries to represent the 1st Harricana Snowmobile Race, which took place in Québec (Canada) in 1990 and patterned after the infamous Paris-Dakar rally. There are eleven stages with different visible horizons: Québec – Lac-Édouard – Saint-Gédéon Roberval – Lac Chigoubiche – Chibougamau – Rivière Broadback – Nemaska – Eastmain – Chisasibi – Poste-de-la-Baleine – Lac Wawa – Radisson.

Controlling the snowmobile in third-person behind view, the player should ride through a path marked with yellow flags in snow woods. Accelerating the snowmobile to move it forth and back is possible to avoid its blocking either by trees or debris in the snow. The direction of the way is shown also by the compass. When the way is lost, the player should find it as fast as possible. Other racers are present on the way during the day and night, and the last place on the stage means the end of game. So, the player should conquer the snows of Québec, show good time on each stage, and to be the first at the finish.


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