HAVOC (Players Premier)
Commodore 64

Here’s your opportunity to fly a Soviet gunship Mi-28 nicknamed Havoc. If you don’t fancy flying a Soviet helicopter then you can also fly a AH-64 Apache. You have to fly your chosen gunship over 7 war zones with a large, powerful gunship to destroy at the end of each level. Trying to stop you are enemy aircraft as well as ground level installations. Be careful who you fire at because there are friendly aircraft flying around, and if you shoot them then your friends will become your enemy. Also any bonus aircraft collected will be lost. To help you on your mission, you can collect packs that can replenish damage, lives, and weapons. Havoc is a one-player, top-down vertically scrolling shoot-em-up. As well as the main playing area you can also see your score, lives, damage, and your current weapon.


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