Heathcliff: Fun with Spelling
Commodore 64

Heathcliff: Fun with Spelling is an educational game based on the comic strip. The player controls Heathcliff as he attempts to spell various words correctly. The game takes place in a room full of pipes and from the pipes come mice holding on to balloons each with a letter. Before starting out the player is presented with a sentence with one of the words flashing. The task is to spell this word by popping the balloons with the corresponding letter. There are two game types: beginner and advanced. In the beginner game the objective is to just pop the letters needed for the word by standing under them as they fall. One point is given for each. In the advanced game points are given for all balloons that are popped but to spell the word the joystick button has to pressed when popping the needed balloon. Both modes can be played in seven difficulty levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has between 10 and 35 sentences.


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