Amstrad CPC

Your people’s clones are trapped behind an electric fence on each of the 23 levels of this action game. To rescue them you must pull up next to the fence and wait for them to cross, before placing them into one of the gaps on the left of the screen. The correct one to place the clone into cycles through in sequence. On each level a set number of these must be rescued.

The difficulty is that a swamp lies between the fence and the safety zone, and it is constantly spawning creatures who kill you on contact. You are armed with bombs with kill in a direct downward trajectory, so will be using the top area of the screen a lot. Although you can slot into one of the home-cells and wait for the sequence to cycle round, this runs the risk of becoming trapped in the section as the swamp-creatures encroach. The colour of the swamp things dictates the score but not the difficulty. On later levels there are static hazards on screen, as well as enemies firing at you.


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