Helter Skelter
Amstrad CPC

Remember when computer games were fun? When you would stay up all night playing them? Helter Skelter unashamedly recreates the addictive simplicity, the fun and the enjoyment that made games like Pacman, Breakout and Bubble Bobble all-time classics! Bounce your way through 80 challenging screens, squashing monsters, snatching tokens and collecting bonuses. Then, for a change, use the built-in designer to design 48 screens of your own, as hard, as simple, as much fun as you like. It’s even more fun when two play at once! Do you co-operate, or you do compete? Do you play fair, or do you double-cross? If you thought the fun had gone out of computer games, then Helter Skelter is the game that’ll change your mind!” Monsters everywhere! Running around, falling from the sky, jumping from platforms. Monsters above, monsters below, monsters heading straight for you! Catch them if you can, and bounce on them while they’re vulnerable – but be quick, because when the timer runs out your bouncing ball will burst.


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