Commodore 64

The Alliance of Space Pilots has stolen a dangerous weapon called Z-Ray. A rebel sector of the Alliance sends a “Herobot” into their base to retrieve the weapon along with important data. Players take control of the Herobot and must find all six parts of the Z-Ray and download the data from the main computer. There are 12 different enemy droids that attack in different ways, some follow a set path, some charge the Herobot and a few can shoot. The Herobot can shoot at his enemies or use an energy bomb that destroys everything onscreen, but also depletes half of its energy. The base is laid out like a maze with energy barriers and conveyor belts blocking the robot’s progress. Energy barriers can be turned off via switches, while conveyor belts can only be stopped temporarily by accessing terminals. Terminals can also be used to display a small map of the surroundings.


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