Commodore 64

Searching for a new power source, scientists have been working on Delta Radiation. This form of radiation is far stronger than thought and has started seeping out of its container. This has caused the underground life forms to mutate. The mutants now want to destroy the plant and the world. You have been chosen to drive a tank and enter the complex to destroy the mutants and to stop the radiation from leaking. There is one source of the leak on four levels and each one must be stopped. To do this, eight lead blocks have to be collected one at a time and placed around the container. Once one container is surrounded then it’s onto the next level. Be careful though as your tank has limited fuel and ammo. These can be topped up with icons scattered around the levels. Hideous is a flick screen top down view game. One screen shows a small part of each level. The joystick moves the tank while the fire button fires your weapon. Various doors, paths and icons need to be negotiated to find the lead blocks. As well as your main playing area you can also see your lives, score, ammo and your shield.


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