High Rise or Three Card Brag
Commodore 64

A game of the infamous “Cassette 50” collection. Also published in Tiger-Crew-Disk #06 (1994/09) and Digital Marketing PD #055, also Digital Marketing PD #229 and finally Stonysoft #0419. In this game, the highest hand is 3 threes, followed by 3 aces, three kings, three queens, etc. Nest best is a running flush (straight), first ace-two-three, then ace-king-queen, king-queen-jack, etc. After that come the ordinary runs in the same order as the straights, next best is a flush, first ace flush, then king flush, queen flush and so on. After that come the pairs with a pair of aces being highest, pair of kings, pair of queens, then high card starting with an ace. You start with a stake of £1000, if you lose it all, the computer wins. However, if you win £10000 then you win the game. A the start of each hand the ante is £10. After seeing your hand you can bet, pay up and see the compy’s hand or fold. Minimum bet is £10. The player with the best hand wins the pot, unless you folded. If it is a draw, the money goes to the C64.


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