High Rollers
Commodore 64

The game is a computer adaptation of an American TV game show, where two competitors should win a game and money, throwing dice, eliminating certain numbers and answering trivial questions. The gameplay flows in real-time mode. For each roll of the dice a question must be answered. The first player should press his/her keys to have a chance to answer the question. If the first player to hit their key answers correctly, then he or she have control of the dice and may decide whether to roll them or pass them to the other player. If however the first player to answer answers incorrectly, then the other player has control of the dice and may roll or pass. In the one player game, you compete against the computer. In novice mode the computer plays less intelligently than in expert mode and responds incorrectly to questions more often. The two player game follows the same format as one player game, but with both human opponents playing at hot-seat. The object of the game is to clear the columns of numbers thus winning the money total at the bottom of the column (if you win the game). In order to take numbers off the board you must answer a question correctly or be passed the dice. You roll the dice trying not to roll a total that doesn’t equal some of the remaining numbers on the board. For example if there are only three numbers left on the board it is probably a good idea to pass the dice since there are quite a few illegal rolls. For every Doubles you roll, you get an insurance marker which allows you to roll illegally without losing the game (but only once). You can take off 1,2,3 or 4 numbers from the board at one time. Winning the competition, Bonus Round will be proposed to a player. Its idea is to clear all of the numbers off of the board, without rolling an illegal combination (without an insurance marker). If a player achieves the goal, he/she get an additional $10,000! After a player completes the bonus round he/she become the current champion and subsequent players must play him/her until they defeat him/her. But the current champion does not appear in the High Rollers Champions file until he/she loses. Hi-scores are written in Top Ten Table.


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