Hole-in-One Miniature Golf
Commodore 64

Hole-In-One Miniature Golf provides an overhead view of each hole. The game play is controlled entirely with the mouse. You place the ball on the starting pad and click the left mouse button. Once you have placed the ball, “stretch” a line from the ball to the pointer. The direction the line is pointing is the direction the ball will go. The length of the line or the distance between the pointer and the ball is relative to the power on the shot. Once you are satisfied, click the left mouse button to putt the ball. You are allowed to go three shots over par. Any more than that and you will get a penalty stroke and must advance to the next hole (or player). You can also get one stroke penalty for going into a water hazard. Your scorecard will be displayed after the first nine holes but can be viewed at anytime using the Options Menu. After completing the course the scorecard will be displayed again. You can print your scores or exit to continue. The game features five complete 18-hole courses with different themes including a Tutorial Course that walks the player through every aspect of game play, a Classics Course which is patterned after the basic traditional miniature golf course, an Intermediate Course that adds more obstacles, elevations and difficulty, an adventurous Fantasy Course with designs ranging from castles to pinball and the Expert Course for those who master the game. The game can be installed on a hard drive.


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