Hollywood or Bust
Commodore 64

You are an actor called Buster Baloney in the early days of cinema and you are to search a studio for five missing Oscars while being filmed. The studio is is viewed from the side with a small part shown on the screen with the screen scrolling when you move. You must search various floors of the studio connected by ladders as you enter doors to film sets. Patrolling the studio are security guards which can be avoided or shot with custard pies, or ghosts which need avoiding but will only attack behind you so you can stand against walls. If you do get touched by a guard or ghost then it is game over. Occasionally a door will lead to the street and here you will be chased by a huge amount of Kops. The screen is viewed from the side but at a high elevated angle and the screen scrolls constantly from left to right. As you walk along the street the Kops will try to hit you but they can be stopped by a custard pie. You have a gauge which decreases if you are hit and when it is empty then it is game over. Custard pies can be topped up by turning a tap at the top of the screen and collecting the custard at the bottom.


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